The title of Count of Holland was fought over in the Hook and Cod Wars (Dutch: Hoekse en Kabeljauwse twisten) between 1350 and 1490. Hollènder (dialect) in Maastricht.[46]. In the southwest, the Seine-Oise-Marne culture — which was related to the Vlaardingen culture (c. 2600 BC), an apparently more primitive culture of hunter-gatherers — survived well into the Neolithic period, until it too was succeeded by the Corded Ware culture. [7] The Randstad is the country's largest conurbation located in the west of the country and contains the four largest cities: Amsterdam in the province North Holland, Rotterdam and The Hague in the province South Holland, and Utrecht in the province Utrecht. Cakes, such as the Vlaai from Limburg and the Moorkop and Bossche Bol from Brabant, are typical pastries. In the mid 1990s Dutch language rap and hip hop (Nederhop) also came to fruition and has become popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. [24][25][26], The Netherlands has been a parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a unitary structure since 1848. España! Exploitation of this field has resulted in €159 billion in revenue since the mid-1970s. Other major industries include chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, electrical goods, trade, services and tourism. [194] Some 150,000 to 200,000 people living in the Netherlands are expatriates, mostly concentrated in and around Amsterdam and The Hague, now constituting almost 10% of the population of these cities.[195][196]. Rijsttafel, a colonial culinary concept, and dishes such as Nasi goreng and satay are very popular in the country. Holland, Hainaut, Flanders, Gelre, Brabant, and Utrecht were in a state of almost continual war or in paradoxically formed personal unions. Other activities include sailing, fishing, cycling, and bird watching. [h] The country's official language is Dutch, with West Frisian as a secondary official language in the province of Friesland, and English and Papiamentu as secondary official languages in the Caribbean Netherlands. The provinces are also home to hard textured rye bread, pastries and cookies, the latter heavily spiced with ginger or succade or containing small bits of meat. Pays-Bas Worttrennung:, Plural: Aussprache: IPA: [pe.i.b ɑ] Hörbeispiele: — Bedeutungen: [1] Niederlande. Indonesia had declared its independence in August 1945 (recognised in 1949), and thus was never part of the reformed Kingdom. The Netherlands Women's handball team holds the record of the only team in the world that consecutively reached all six semifinals of major international tournaments since 2015, winning silver and bronze at the European Women's Handball Championship and silver, bronze and gold at the World Women's Handball Championship. [5] Dutch and French dialects were the main languages used in secular city life. Pronunciation . The Bell Beaker culture developed locally into the Barbed-Wire Beaker culture (2100–1800 BC) and later the Elp culture (c. 1800–800 BC),[53] a Middle Bronze Age archaeological culture having earthenware pottery of low quality as a marker. Thus, the Low Countries consisted of fiefs whose sovereignty resided with either the Kingdom of France or the Holy Roman Empire. Two years later, the Congress of Vienna added the southern Netherlands to the north to create a strong country on the northern border of France. [67][68] Between 600 and around 719 the cities were often fought over between the Frisians and the Franks. [205], The Netherlands is the 12th most densely populated country in the world with a density of 521 per square kilometre (1,350/sq mi). [65] Many moved on to England and came to be known as Anglo-Saxons, but those who stayed would be referred to as Frisians and their language as Frisian, named after the land that was once inhabited by Frisii. Cookies are also produced in great number and tend to contain a lot of butter and sugar, like stroopwafel, as well as a filling of some kind, mostly almond, like gevulde koek. Traditional musical instruments such as the accordion and the barrel organ are a staple of levenslied music, though in recent years many artists also use synthesisers and guitars. The Netherlands abolished slavery in its colonies in 1863. Most of the western Netherlands is below sea level due to the human process of turning standing bodies of water into usable land, a polder. As a founding member of the euro, the Netherlands replaced (for accounting purposes) its former currency, the "gulden" (guilder), on 1 January 1999, along with 15 other adopters of the euro. A main goal of the Delta project was to reduce the risk of flooding in South Holland and Zeeland to once per 10,000 years (compared to once per 4000 years for the rest of the country). [155], Apart from coal and gas, the country has no mining resources. VVD and PvdA won a majority in the House of Representatives during the 2012 general election. In May 2013, inflation was at 2.8% per year. [245] In 2015, Amsterdam and Rotterdam were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, on the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index. The UnDutchables: An observation of the Netherlands, its culture and its inhabitants (3rd Ed.). 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[108][109], The Netherlands is one of the countries that may suffer most from climate change. Since World War II, the Netherlands has become a member of a large number of international organisations, most prominently the UN, NATO and the EU. The number who believed in the existence of a higher power fell from 36% to 28% over the same period. The Gothic architecture came to in the Netherlands from about 1230. One to three ministers are ministers without portfolio. On one occasion, a surgeon at Veer cut the heart from a Spanish prisoner, nailed it on a vessel's prow, and invited the townsmen to come and fasten their teeth in it, which many did with savage satisfaction. : They loved each other and wanted to go to Holland. Low Saxon consists of several dialects spoken in the north and east, like Tweants in the region of Twente, and Drents in the province of Drenthe. Seafood such as soused herring, mussels (called Zeeuwse Mossels, since all Dutch mussels for consumption are cleaned in Zeeland's Oosterschelde), eels, oysters and shrimps are widely available and typical for the region. Because of the abundance of water and flat grasslands that are found here, the area is known for its many dairy products, which include prominent cheeses such as Gouda, Leyden (spiced cheese with cumin), and Edam (traditionally in small spheres) as well as Leerdammer and Beemster, while the adjacent Zaanstreek in North Holland has since the 16th century been known for its mayonnaise, typical whole-grain mustards,[263] and chocolate industry. Precipitation throughout the year is distributed relatively equally each month. [230] If a child does not have a "starting qualification" (HAVO, VWO or MBO 2+ degree) they are still forced to attend classes until they achieve such a qualification.[231]. Jump to navigation Jump to search. As of the 1980s, more and more pop musicians started working in the Dutch language, partly inspired by the huge success of the band Doe Maar. It-test huwa disponibbli taħt il-Liċenzja Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike; jistgħu japplikaw xi kundizzjonijiet oħra.Ara l-kundizzjonijiet tal-użu għal aktar dettalji.Politika dwar il-privatezza; Dwar il-Wikizzjunarju 1.1 Etymology; 1.2 Pronunciation; 1.3 Proper noun; French Etymology . Many Indonesian dishes and foodstuffs have become commonplace in the Netherlands. The monarch is the head of state, at present King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. By the 490s, Clovis I had conquered and united all these territories in the southern Netherlands in one Frankish kingdom, and from there continued his conquests into Gaul. After the death of Charlemagne, Francia was divided in three parts among his three grandsons. Traditionally, dinner consists of potatoes, a portion of meat, and (seasonal) vegetables. In that period, they rivalled northern Italy as one of the most densely populated regions of Western Europe. However, the Cultivation System was introduced in 1830; in the Dutch East Indies, 20% of village land had to be devoted to government crops for export. The predominant wind direction in the European Netherlands is southwest, which causes a mild maritime climate, with moderately warm summers and cool winters, and typically high humidity. [17] Amsterdam is the country's most populous city and nominal capital,[18] while The Hague holds the seat of the States General, Cabinet and Supreme Court. The rollout will be undertaken by Switzerland-based power and automation company ABB and Dutch startup Fastned, and will aim to provide at least one station within a 50-kilometre radius (30 miles) from every home in the Netherlands.[178]. This was the age of the "Dutch Masters", such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen, Jacob van Ruisdael, Gerard van Honthorst, Theodoor van Thulden and many others. The Caribbean Netherlands has a total area of 328 km2 (127 sq mi)[100] It lies between latitudes 50° and 54° N, and longitudes 3° and 8° E. The Netherlands is geographically very low relative to sea level and is considered a flat country, with about 26% of its area[101] and 21% of its population[102] located below sea level, and only about 50% of its land exceeding one metre above sea level. : Ils devaient revenir ensemble aux Pays-Bas. Of all the people questioned, 24% saw themselves as atheist, an increase of 11% compared to the previous study done in 2006. Traductions en contexte de "pays bas" en français-allemand avec Reverso Context : pays-bas, aux pays-bas et au royaume-uni, royaume des pays-bas, en france et aux pays-bas, les pays-bas et le royaume-uni Modern culinary writers distinguish between three general regional forms of Dutch cuisine. Les Pays-Bas (que no-z-appelle parfeis Hollaunde, en néerlaundeis: Nederland) est eun pays en Europe. The various dried sausages, belonging to the metworst-family of Dutch sausages are found throughout this region and are highly prized for their often very strong taste. Suriname followed in 1975. The Dutch East Indies, which later formed modern-day Indonesia, was one of the most valuable European colonies in the world and the most important one for the Netherlands. Originally, the country's cuisine was shaped by the practices of fishing and farming, including the cultivation of the soil for growing crops and raising domesticated animals. Dutch universities have a tuition fee of about 2,000 euros a year for students from the Netherlands and the European Union. Je suis né à La Haye aux Pays-Bas. Not only is the rising sea a problem, but erratic weather patterns may cause the rivers to overflow. Wikipedia nrm. The Dutch location gives it prime access to markets in the UK and Germany, with the Port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe. Artists in this genre include Jan Smit, Frans Bauer and André Hazes. [169] The Dutch rank first in the European Union and second worldwide in value of agricultural exports, behind only the United States,[170] with agricultural exports earning €80.7 billion in 2014,[171] up from €75.4 billion in 2012. [201] Dutch people, or descendants of Dutch people, are also found in migrant communities worldwide, notably in Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United States. Der Courrier des Pays-Bas (deutsch: Der niederländische Eilbote) war eine liberale Brüsseler Zeitung, die im Vereinigten Königreich der Niederlande die bedeutendste Stimme der belgischen Opposition war. They are sometimes used in a deictic relation to a higher ground that consecutively is indicated as Super(ior), Up(per), Op(per), Ober, Boven, High, Haut or Hoch. In 1477 the Burgundian holdings in the area passed through an heiress—Mary of Burgundy—to the Habsburgs. Coordinates: 52°19′N 5°33′E / 52.317°N 5.550°E / 52.317; 5.550, This article is about the constituent country. 1 French. Dutch cuisine is simple and straightforward, and contains many dairy products. Structured data. Juni 2019 um 14:54. Indigenous late Mesolithic hunter-gatherers from the Swifterbant culture (c. 5600 BC) were related to the southern Scandinavian Ertebølle culture and were strongly linked to rivers and open water. [22] Most of the areas below sea level, known as polders, are the result of land reclamation that began in the 14th century. Around 35,000 homes are said to be affected. The Batavi later merged with other tribes into the confederation of the Salian Franks, whose identity emerged at the first half of the third century. The Dutch economy is very open and relies strongly on international trade. The geographical location of the upper region, however, changed tremendously over time, depending on the location of the economic and military power governing the Low Countries area. Boston Consulting Group, 'Zorg voor Waarde', 2011. After the war the Netherlands left behind an era of neutrality and gained closer ties with neighboring states. The many finds in Drenthe of rare bronze objects, suggest that it was even a trading centre in the Bronze Age (2000–800 BC). Conversely, Islam grew considerably as the result of immigration. The following tables are based on mean measurements by the KNMI weather station in De Bilt between 1981 and 2010. [163] Therefore, a transition towards renewable energy has been a key objective by Netherlands in order to safeguard the energy security of the country from natural resources depletion, mainly gas. John de Mol later started his own company Talpa which created show franchises like The Voice and Utopia. [199] On 21 November 2016, there were 3.8 million residents in the Netherlands with at least one foreign-born parent ("migration background"). [48] At the end of the Ice Age, the nomadic late Upper Paleolithic Hamburg culture (c. 13.000–10.000 BC) hunted reindeer in the area, using spears, but the later Ahrensburg culture (c. 11.200–9500 BC) used bow and arrow. In addition, William became hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg in exchange for his German possessions. [76] In light of the defeat at Gembloux, the southern states of the Seventeen Provinces (today in northern France and Belgium) distanced themselves from the rebels in the north with the 1579 Union of Arras, which expressed their loyalty to Philip II of Spain. Home doctors (huisartsen, comparable to general practitioners) form the largest part of the first echelon. Other resolutions: 167 × 240 pixels | 528 × 756 pixels. CET and CEST are used in the European Netherlands, and AST is used in the Caribbean Netherlands. Within the European Union, the region's political grouping is still referred to as the Benelux (short for Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg). They were inhabited by Belgic and Germanic tribes. However, the German advance into France was quickly halted, causing a military stalemate for most of the war. By the time this migration was complete, around 250 BC, a few general cultural and linguistic groups had emerged. This is laid down in the Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten ("General Law on Exceptional Healthcare Costs") which first came into effect in 1968. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the European territory of the Netherlands belongs to the ecoregion of Atlantic mixed forests. Produkte, mit Herkunft ihrer Inhaltsstoffe aus Pays-bas. In South Africa, the Dutch settled the Cape Colony in 1652. During the Dutch Golden Age, spanning much of the 17th century, the Dutch Republic was prosperous and witnessed a flourishing artistic movement. A by-product of the butter-making process, karnemelk (buttermilk), is also considered typical for this region. In these elections, the CDA remained the largest party and the Socialist Party made the largest gains. Around 879, another Viking expedition led by Godfrid, Duke of Frisia raided the Frisian lands. In the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century, the Netherlands urbanised considerably, mostly financed by corporate revenue from the Asian trade monopolies. Endemol and its subsidiaries create and run reality, talent, and game show franchises worldwide, including Big Brother and Deal or No Deal. In the late 19th century this Dutch tradition of religious tolerance transformed into a system of pillarisation, in which religious groups coexisted separately and only interacted at the level of government. Belgium separated in 1830 from the (northern) Netherlands. Land drainage had caused the peat of the former wetlands to reduce to a level that was too low for drainage to be maintained. Some of the world's best known dance music DJs hail from the Netherlands, including Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Dash Berlin, Julian Jordan, Nicky Romero, W&W, Don Diablo and Afrojack; the first four of which have been ranked as best in the world by DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. Almost as many kilometres are covered by bicycle as by train. The Dutch government subsequently instituted a large-scale programme, the "Delta Works", to protect the country against future flooding, which was completed over a period of more than thirty years. Three political parties in the Dutch parliament, (CDA, and two small parties, ChristianUnion and SGP) are based upon the Christian belief. Severed heads and decapitated corpses were displayed along streets and roads to terrorize the population into submission. The Netherlands was ranked first in a study in 2009 comparing the health care systems of the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany and New Zealand. In the 1960s and 1970s the lyrics were mostly in English, and some tracks were instrumental. The south-western part of the Netherlands is to this day a river delta of these three rivers, the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta. [156] The field is operated by government-owned Gasunie and output is jointly exploited by the government, Royal Dutch Shell, and Exxon Mobil through NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij). Today Dutch rock and pop music thrives in both languages, with some artists recording in both. Cycling is a ubiquitous mode of transport in the Netherlands. [14] In Europe, it consists of 12 provinces that border Germany to the east, Belgium to the south, and the North Sea to the northwest, with maritime borders in the North Sea with those countries and the United Kingdom. The late (18th century) introduction of large scale agriculture means that the cuisine is generally known for its many kinds of meats. Additionally, until the 19th century peat was mined, dried, and used for fuel, further exacerbating the problem. During the period of Proto-industrialization, the empire received 50% of textiles and 80% of silks import from the India's Mughal Empire, chiefly from its most developed region known as Bengal Subah. Before the Burgundian union, the Dutch identified themselves by the town they lived in or their local duchy or county. Van Hoytema went to the National Film School in Łódź (Poland) and Van de Sande went to the Netherlands Film Academy. It hosts several intergovernmental organisations and international courts, many of which are centered in The Hague, which is consequently dubbed 'the world's legal capital'. Amsterdam distributed grain to the major cities of Belgium, Northern France and England. The Frankish Carolingian empire modeled itself after the Roman Empire and controlled much of Western Europe. [158] Netherlands has set a 14% renewable energy target of the total energy mix by the year 2020. In early 2014, Oxfam ranked the Netherlands as the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthy food, in a comparison of 125 countries.[264][265]. [74] On 4 November 1576, Spanish tercios seized Antwerp and subjected it to the worst pillage in the Netherlands' history. Netherlands have participated in 1996, 2003, 2007 and 2011 ODI cricket World Cup. The Dutch have also had success in all three of cyclings Grand Tours with Jan Janssen winning the 1968 Tour de France, more recently with Tom Dumoulin winning the 2017 Giro d'Italia and legendary rider Joop Zoetemelk was the 1985 UCI World Champion, the winner of the 1979 Vuelta a Espana, the 1980 Tour de France and still holds or shares numerous Tour de France records including most Tours finished and most kilometers ridden. Even after the political secession of the autonomous Dutch Republic (or "United Provinces") in the north, the term "Low Countries" continued to be used to refer collectively to the region. Over the centuries, the Dutch coastline has changed considerably as a result of natural disasters and human intervention. The Netherlands decided not to sign the UN treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. [225], Upon the country's independence, Protestants were predominant in most of the country, while Roman Catholics were dominant in the south, especially North Brabant and Limburg. The Protestant Queen Elizabeth I of England sympathised with the Dutch struggle against the Spanish, and sent an army of 7,600 soldiers to aid the Dutch in their war with the Catholic Spanish. [212], The first of these recognised regional languages is Low Saxon (Nedersaksisch in Dutch). "What may strike you as being blatantly blunt topics and comments are no more embarrassing or unusual to the Dutch than discussing the weather. [55] A Dutch-French language boundary hence came into existence.[55][64]. Trijntje Oosterhuis, one of the country's most well known and versatile singers, has made multiple albums with famous American composers Vince Mendoza and Burt Bacharach. As the ground level dropped, the dikes by necessity grew and merged into an integrated system. In June 2006, the cabinet fell after D66 voted in favour of a motion of no confidence against the Minister of Immigration and Integration, Rita Verdonk, who had instigated an investigation of the asylum procedure of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a VVD MP. Busy roads have received some 35,000 km of dedicated cycle tracks, physically segregated from motorised traffic. [218] In most lower level secondary school educations (vmbo), one additional modern foreign language is mandatory during the first two years.[219]. The south gained independence in 1830 as Belgium (recognised by the Northern Netherlands in 1839 as the Kingdom of the Netherlands was created by decree), while the personal union between Luxembourg and the Netherlands was severed in 1890, when William III died with no surviving male heirs. [90] Slaves in Suriname would be fully free only in 1873, since the law stipulated that there was to be a mandatory 10-year transition.[91]. [95] Political collaborators were members of the fascist NSB, the only legal political party in the occupied Netherlands. [51] The Funnelbeaker culture (c. 4300–2800 BC), which is related to the Swifterbant culture, erected the dolmens, large stone grave monuments found in Drenthe. Zuletzt bearbeitet am 21. In 2006, 40% of respondents considered themselves spiritual, in 2015 this has dropped to 31%. [79] Against the rebels Philip could draw on the resources of Spain, Spanish America, Spanish Italy and the Spanish Netherlands. Officially the Republic of China, participates as ", This page was last edited on 20 December 2020, at 16:59. It is used synonymous with the more neutral and geopolitical term Benelux. In the Caribbean Netherlands, the United States dollar is used instead of the euro. All of the regions mainly depended on trade, manufacturing and the encouragement of the free flow of goods and craftsmen. the Dutch, the Frisians, and the Germans). [140], The Netherlands has a developed economy and has been playing a special role in the European economy for many centuries. In higher level secondary schools (HAVO and VWO), the acquisition of two additional modern foreign language skills is mandatory during the first three years. The big winner of the 2010 elections was Geert Wilders, whose right wing PVV,[125][126] the ideological successor to the LPF, more than doubled its number of seats. In Europe, it consists of 12 provincesthat border Germanyto the east, Belgiumto the south, and the North Seato the northwest, with maritime bordersin the North Sea with those countries and the United Kingdom. 05:14. The Burgundian period is when the road to nationhood began. [15] The middle slice, Middle Francia, was ruled by Lothair I, and thereby also came to be referred to as "Lotharingia" or "Lorraine". Healthcare in the Netherlands is covered by two statutory forms of insurance: While Dutch residents are automatically insured by the government for AWBZ, everyone has to take out their own basic healthcare insurance (basisverzekering), except those under 18 who are automatically covered under their parents' premium. [177], As part of its commitment to environmental sustainability, the Government of the Netherlands initiated a plan to establish over 200 recharging stations for electric vehicles across the country. Verhoeven then went on to direct big Hollywood movies like RoboCop (1987), Total Recall (1990) and Basic Instinct (1992), and returned with Dutch film Black Book ("Zwartboek", 2006). of Germany. There are many local brands, ranging from Trappist to Kriek. Contemporary Dutch rock and pop music (Nederpop) originated in the 1960s, heavily influenced by popular music from the United States and Britain.

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