Dining in Santorini, Cyclades: See 275,124 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 748 Santorini restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. Expect to pay 20-40-60 euros for a pair of sunbeds during the high season and you only get to know that after you actually sit down, as there are no signs (the difference on the prices depends on how close you are from the sea water). Below is my selection of the best beaches in Santorini, especially if you enjoy photography, as well as more information on the Santorini black sand and the 'black beaches'. OUR PICK OF THE BEST BEACHES IN SANTORINI FOR FAMILIES AND FACILITIES – PERISSA BEACH Perissa beach is at the foot of an impressive cliff. Quite similar to the landscape of Perissa, the beach is covered by black sand while on the left side of the beach is an enormous rock called Mesa Vouno that rises from the sea.The area is extremely attractive, especially at night when the rock shines in the dark. It’s important to note that Santorini’s beaches are made up of volcanic sand and small rocks. Read Also: How To Get Around in Santorini. Vlychada Beach. These are not white sand beaches but the water is the purest and most refreshing I’ve ever swum in. Here is a quick video showing the beauty of Katharos beach and its wild beauty: You can only reach Katharos beach mainly by car, bike or ATV from Oia or Ammoudi bay (it’s a 5 mins drive) but you can even walk from Ammoudi or Oia if you want to. My sister and I are going, we are in our early 70 but very active. The big swimming pool in front of … The areas with rock (as opposed to sand) are generally best. Located in the city of Akrotiri, 12Km from the capital Fira, Santorini Red Beach is one the best attractions on the island and must be on your list.. #30 Best Value of 141 Santorini Beach Hotels “ This hotel is set in a perfect location in front of the beach and along an area next to many restaurants, shops, and bars that take anywhere between 0-5 minutes … Beaches in Santorini. You can also take the boat from Akrotiri which is a great way to get there for views of the spectacular rugged, red cliffs that provide the backdrop to this beautiful, albeit small and potentially crowded, beach on Santorini. There’s a small island that you can swim out to that has glorious views of the caldera. 4. Paros and Naxos are probably what you’re looking for. Santorini beaches are mostly composed of volcanic sand and small pebbles. Be sure to get a tour that includes the sunset. Karterados has more buses going to Fira – and you could always walk in a pinch. So I cancelled hotel. Hi Dave, 3. Emma. Ferry cancelations do happen but they’re ultimately pretty rare. Eros beach is a bit difficult to reach and that makes it one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches of the island. You can also take a taxi either from Oia or directly from Fira. 1. Staying in Kamari on the beach and going for Fira and Oia by bus in the afternoon till night? The beaches are on one side of the island (the east) and the … Red Beach itself is not a place where you’d find any hotels but Akrotiri (which IS the town just next to the red beach) has been developed extensively the last 5 years with new amazing hotels popping up every year. The walk along the sea edge can be tricky in spots, and there have been reports of falling rock. Perissa is also the place to visit if you want to listen to some famous DJs from all over the world, it’s the beach to play beach volleyball and definitely the place to drink some amazing cocktails by the beach. These are the best hotels in Oia and around Katharos beach: Katharos sunsets have now become more popular but there is still time to visit this amazing small beach. 3. I’m in airport headed for Santorini now – have 3 nights booked. "Great beach area with lots of Sun beds provided by resturants at a small day rate we paid €5 from tera nera beach volcanic sand black beach shoes great for walking swimming very stoney water gets deep very quickly..." "Lots of great restaurants along the full stretch of the beach and you can walk to Perissa which is a little bit busier with bars and restaurants (approx 45 mins)." It is far away from everything , though it is close to Oia (but quite far away from Fira). Best Hotels on Santorini This is a mostly family-friendly beach but with a little more of a party vibe at the beach clubs here, though the parties typically don’t get too crazy and the bars close earlier than they do in Fira, so it’s quieter at night. Hotels in Perissa, Kamari and Perivolos beaches are definitely cheaper without lacking in quality or amenities though. The eastern part of the beach is wider and quieter than the western part near the port and taverna. It’s one of my absolute favorites. Any thoughts on that? From here, jump from the rocks into the gorgeous blue water. Best Things To Do at Kamari Beach F rom Kamari Beach, Perissa Beach, Perivolos Beach, Red Beach, Agios Georgios, to Monolithos beach and with easy access to best beach hotels in Santorini. We are from Boston so chilly water is not foreign to us. Santorini’s beaches are mostly covered in black pebbles, white or black thick sand and they are  well organized with lots of amenities and things to do. The beach is also accessible by boat. You won’t find any noisy beach bars or watersports here though. That said, many people love the beaches of Santorini and find their unique sand and natural setting to be more memorable than “just another sandy beach.”. 1. But when the sun sets, you will start feeling the romance in the air and it is probably the time for you and your other half to enjoy a movie under the stars at Kamari Open Air Cinema which is easily one of the best things to do in Santorini. It has an extremely relaxing atmosphere and possibly the best beach lounge bar of the island: Theros Wave Bar. ATMs are everywhere and reliable. The cliffs that loom around some of the beaches and the nature of the sand itself make a surreal setting for swimming and sunning. The beach is pebbly, so the water is extraordinarily clear. The beach is so big that you will never find it packed with people and thereis always space for everyone. 5. How much cash would you recommend to keep on hand? You can also get the bus to drop you on the road where the bus paths cross, you’d then wait there for the bus to Kamari. A taxi from Fira to Kamari should not charge you more than 20 euros for such a trip. Next to the beach there is also a very nice small fishing port with a few restaurants where you can have fresh fish. The experience is different at each based more on their location than their quality. It is a small narrow beach with black and white pebbles under some massive white volcanic rocks. But it’s a great island regardless of where you stay so it’s not as if staying in Kamari is going to be bad. Reed. Red and black volcanic pebbles lay the shores of Santorini beaches and cliffs provide a picturesque ambience of unique beauty. Red Santorini Beach is 12 km south west of Fira in the Akrotiri area, and one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Santorini. I wanted to thank you for this wonderful site, and also thank you for answering my question the other day about Lindos Blu. Explore guest reviews and book the perfect beach hotel for your trip. It also seems that since Crete is such a large island, you really need more than 4 days to fully explore it. 1,280 reviews. Santorini beaches are composed of volcanic sand and pebbles, full of rugged charm and often striking landscapes. Have they simply not opened up their reservations book that far in advance or do you think the hotel is already sold out? But for clubbing, that’s Fira. Which beach would be best for this, and have the prettiest views while doing this? Can you tell me. After reading your article on the difference between Santorini and Mykonos we decided to plan our 5 days, late June, honeymoon in Santorini for the next summer despite the fact that Mykonos has better beaches. Hi Dave, I’m wondering how “secure” the beaches are in general. “Eros” means “love” in ancient greek…so you can totally understand why this is a also a screte wedding venue and a totally romantic place to be. Take the footpath down from Oia to Ammoudi Bay where the restaurants are (or drive/taxi down), then turn left and walk along the water’s edge for 5 minutes. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 best beaches in Santorini, which you can’t miss when visiting the island once the #coronavirus is over. Short answer: no. The Caramel Grecotel is wonderful but there’s not as much of interest close to the resort. Perivolos, especially the Agios Giorgios end, is the most upscale beach in Santorini a good number of luxury hotels, high-end beach clubs, and fine dining restaurants. Farther in from the beach, there is an open-air cinema, a mini-golf course. Is there a public bus that goes from the JTR airport to Kamari? There are no beach clubs or sunbed rentals, and very few visitors to the beach itself (most people come here for diving or sailing). Many caldera cruises either begin or end at Ammoudi Bay. A taxi from Fira to Koloumbos beach should not charge you more than 30 euros for such a trip. My dream is to go to one of the islands that have the most to offer for us, we love swimming in clear water, nice beaches, small fishing villages, and some nice shopping. We are 3 40+ ladies planning a 5 day trip to Santorini this summer. Kamari is cheaper so you can save money by staying there. This is very important to have in mind when choosing the best area to stay in Santorini, as this might actually be the one for your budget. We want good nightlife-bars/restaurants/dancing (love traditional Greece). Apart from a few restaurants behind the beach (very typical everywhere in Greece) and a small fishing port there is nothing else around. Dave, Caldera Beach is one of Santorini’s best-kept secrets, offering gorgeous caldera views, great swimming, a wonderful taverna, a tiny port, and a dive shop, while still being incredibly quiet. It’s nice here and incredibly quiet for most of its length, but may feel remote for some. Home > Greece > Santorini > Kamari Hotels Updated: August 11, 2020 • Affiliate Disclosure: All hotel links on my site are affiliate links meaning I earn a small fee when you book a hotel. Thank you for the details provided on Greece, it’s very helpful. Red beach is 12 km from Fira, so it’s easy to reach. When You Can Actually Swim in the Sea Water in Mykonos: the sea water is perfect in Mykonos between June-October (and including these 2 months), so if you are visiting anytime outside of these months you may get sunshine and 30C degrees temperature but the sea water won’t be warm enough. I’m thinking Grace Santorini would be the best for us. So my fiancée and I are planning our honeymoon trip to Greece, and have decided upon 16 days. Is service included over in Greece or do people tip? Have 500€ on you for backup but don’t need more than that. Lioyerma is a cafe pool bar in Oia. RECOMMENDED WEBSITES FOR HOTELS, VILLAS, FERRIES, TOURS AND FLIGHTS TO GREEK ISLANDS: Perissa and Perivolos (Agios Georgios) are basically the same long beach. Hi Dave GREAT website. A taxi from Fira to Akrotiri (and then the Red Beach) should not charge you more than 25 euros for such a trip. Is it better to do it differently and stay in Fira instead and go by bus to kamari beach? Just for our kids, you know. Monolithos beach is a quiet area with a few hotels and rooms to rent around. You can also take a boat from the archaeological site Rahidi to the Red Beach, that runs every half an hour and costs 5€. You have to reserve hotels in advance and you’ll never know which ferries are going to be canceled. There are no hotels around Eros Beach and hopefully it will stay like this forever, as any buildings around will definitely ruin the beauty of the scenery…. The 8 Best Beaches in Santorini. 9) Pocket cash… will most restaurants/stores take credit cards? I always recommend staying on islands rather than doing day trips and Milos-Sifnos is no exception. We were thinking of going straight to Kamari beach from the aiport, before checking into our Fira Hotel in the afternoon. There are some small, ancient ruins on top of the hill and a spectacular, sunrise view. One more question, can we find buses from Fira to kamari late at night? Renting a car is the best way to explore the island, and this is especially true if you’re not staying in Fira. Recommended Beach Hotels in Kamari: Santorini Kastelli Resort (luxury) • Sigalas (moderate) • Bellonias Villas (luxury). A taxi from Fira to Perivolos should not charge you more than 20 euros for such a trip. Here’s a list of the Top 10 best Beaches Santorini which represent unique environmental jewels.. Santorini Red Sand Beach (Red Beach). Discover Santorini’s best beaches Create your Unique Wedding Memories Volcanic Vows Enjoy a Scenic Hike Grace Escape: Yoga and Picnic Experience Photo Tour Sunrise and Sunset Yoga Awaken with the Grace escape View all It’s not a lie - Grace Santorini has the best view of the sunset in Santorini… 1. There are ... 2. Me and my husband are going to Santorini on July and I was womdering if you could give me some tips on things to do while we are at Kamari. I felt the water in Amalfi, Italy today and it was warm to me. Vourvoulos beach is one of the most quiet beaches of the island and it is similar to Kolumbos and Monolithos beaches on the western side of the island. thank you! (Yes, their website probably has not opened up those dates yet. Any recommendations for lunch at Ammoudi bay? Perissa and Perivolos Beaches are essentially one very long beach, with Perissa at the north end turning into Perivolos to the south. Thanks We consider ourselves the tipsters of this magical place, called Greece. Best Santorini Beach Hotels on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews, candid photos, and prices for 141 waterfront hotels in Santorini, Greece. The one reason I question going to Naxos is because of the Caramel Grecotel in Crete… after viewing its website it looks to be one of the most stunning/beautiful properties I have ever seen… my fiancée and I love sitting under a beach cabana with an amazing view to a sandy white beach, and I feel like perhaps we would be missing out on something special by not visiting it. Perivolos is a beautiful wide sandy beach (with black sand and pebbles) with crystal clear waters and lots of sun beds to relax or read a book. the black sand and pebbles become so hot they can seriously burn your feet! Perivolos Beach. It goes without saying that you won’t find any sun beds or sand around. But we also want to visit Rhodes Town for at least a day, possibly two. Perissa is the best beach with a relaxing beach scene. is still undiscovered by most tourist and therefore is lovely quiet with the most beautiful view of The Caldera. You can also take the bus to the airport and then walk from the airport. Kamari is separated from Perissa Beach by a hill called Mesa Vouno, but the two beaches are connected several times a day by water taxi. 2) In Santorini: Grace Santorini vs Katikies? Back to the towns at night for the best restaurants and nightlife. Vlychada beach is a unique landscape with massive white rocks and a really relaxing atmosphere. Top Santorini Beach & Pool Clubs: See reviews and photos of beach & pool clubs in Santorini, Greece on Tripadvisor. Jen D. They are all good but the Ammoudi Fish Taverna (far right when looking at the water) is the best. Best Dining in Santorini, Cyclades: See 275,114 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 748 Santorini restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. You … Which is best for getting around with public transportation (we do not plan on renting a car). Not worth it. To the way there, you will pass through some impressive wineries too. So when deciding where to stay it’s usually a choice between staying along the caldera with incredible views of the volcano or staying at one of the beaches. These guys captured their cliff jumping at Ammoudi bay on this video: it’s very easy to go to Ammoudi but unfortunately there is no bus that can take you there.